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25 Popular Types of Monstera: A Deep Dive into the Enchanting World of Swiss Cheese Plants

Journey into the Enigmatic Realm of Monstera Plants

types of monstera

Let's embark on a delightful exploration of one of the most enchanting and striking plants in the botanical world - the Monstera. Known for their unique, eye-catching foliage and fascinating adaptability, Monsteras have taken the world by storm, particularly in the realm of indoor gardening. With a myriad of distinct varieties, each boasting its own set of alluring characteristics, it's no wonder these plants have captured the hearts and minds of plant enthusiasts everywhere.

In this comprehensive article, we will unravel the captivating world of 25 popular types of Monstera, delving into their idiosyncratic features, care requirements, and aesthetic charm. So, grab your favorite beverage, snuggle up in your coziest reading nook, and prepare to be enchanted by the wondrous universe of the Swiss Cheese Plant.

25 Types of Monstera

1. Monstera Deliciosa

types of monstera

Arguably the most well-known and widely cultivated Monstera species, Monstera deliciosa features large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves adorned with natural splits and perforations. This tropical evergreen plant hails from the rainforests of Central America and can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. Its fenestrations are an evolutionary adaptation for maximizing sunlight and withstanding heavy rainfall. Monstera deliciosa is also known for producing an unusual, pineapple-like fruit that is edible and delicious, hence the name "deliciosa."

2. Monstera Adansonii

types of monstera

Often referred to as the Swiss Cheese Vine or Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera adansonii is a charming species characterized by its elongated, heart-shaped leaves decorated with distinctive oval-shaped holes. Native to Central and South America, this vining plant is a prolific grower, making it ideal for hanging baskets or a climbing support. Its delicate foliage and vigorous growth habit have made it a popular choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike. You can Buy Monstera Adansonii here.

3. Monstera Borsigiana

types of monstera

A close relative of Monstera deliciosa, Monstera borsigiana is a slightly smaller, more manageable variety with a similar leaf structure. Its split and perforated leaves are smaller, and it exhibits a faster growth rate. This variety is perfect for those who admire the aesthetic of Monstera deliciosa but lack the space for a larger plant.

4. Monstera Dubia

types of monstera

The captivating Monstera dubia is a shingling species known for its juvenile and mature growth stages. As a young plant, it exhibits small, heart-shaped leaves that lie flat against the surface it is climbing. As the plant matures, its leaves transform into larger, fenestrated structures. The unique growth habit of Monstera dubia makes it a stunning addition to any plant collection. You can Buy Monstera dubia here.

5. Monstera Siltepecana

types of monstera

Monstera siltepecana is an elegant vining species with silver-green, arrowhead-shaped leaves that become progressively more fenestrated as the plant matures. Native to Central and South America, this plant is a lovely addition to any indoor garden, particularly as a trailing or climbing specimen.

6. Monstera Obliqua

types of monstera

Often confused with Monstera adansonii, Monstera obliqua is a rare species distinguished by its paper-thin leaves and copious, delicate fenestrations. Native to the Amazon rainforest, this elusive plant is prized by collectors and can be quite challenging to find and cultivate.

7. Monstera Pinnatipartita

types of monstera

This striking Monstera species features deeply lobed, dark green leaves that develop intricate fenestrations as the plant matures. Native to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, Monstera pinnatipartita can grow to impressive heights, making it a stunning focal point in any indoor garden. The plant's captivating leaf structure adds a touch of tropical drama to any space.

8. Monstera Standleyana

types of monstera

Also known as the Five Holes Plant or Cobra Plant, Monstera standleyana is a unique vining species with elongated, lanceolate leaves showcasing irregular variegation patterns. Its foliage ranges from dark green to light green and can even display cream or white patches. This versatile plant is perfect for hanging baskets or climbing supports and adds a splash of color to any plant collection.

9. Monstera Lechleriana

types of monstera

Monstera lechleriana is an intriguing species native to Central and South America. Its elongated, heart-shaped leaves have a glossy surface and feature delicate fenestrations. As the plant matures, the fenestrations become more pronounced, creating a visually stunning effect. Monstera lechleriana is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and eye-catching addition to their indoor garden.

10. Monstera Deliciosa 'Variegata'

A variegated cultivar of Monstera deliciosa, this enchanting plant boasts striking white or cream variegation on its iconic split leaves. Due to its captivating appearance and rarity, Monstera deliciosa 'Variegata' is highly sought after by plant collectors and enthusiasts. Care for this beauty is similar to that of its non-variegated counterpart, although it may require slightly more light to maintain its vibrant coloration.

11. Monstera Adansonii 'Variegata'

types of monstera

The variegated version of Monstera adansonii features cream or white variegation on its charming, hole-filled leaves. This captivating variety adds a touch of elegance to any plant collection and is perfect for hanging baskets or climbing supports.

12. Monstera Xanthospatha

Native to Central America, Monstera xanthospatha is a rare and alluring species characterized by its elongated, paddle-shaped leaves with minimal fenestrations. As the plant matures, the leaves develop a unique, undulating texture, adding visual interest to any indoor garden.

13. Monstera Esqueleto

Monstera esqueleto, also known as Monstera epipremnoides, is a stunning species with large, elongated leaves that boast intricate fenestrations and pronounced veining. Native to Central and South America, this magnificent plant can reach impressive heights and is an excellent choice for those looking to make a bold statement with their indoor greenery.

14. Monstera Thai Constellation

types of monstera

A striking cultivar of Monstera deliciosa, Thai Constellation features cream or yellow speckled variegation on its iconic split leaves. This beautiful variety is the result of a genetic mutation and is propagated via tissue culture, making it a rare and sought-after specimen in the plant world. You can Buy Monstera Thai Constellation here.

15. Monstera Peru

types of monstera

Monstera peru, also known as Monstera karstenianum, is a rare species with textured, dark green leaves that have a slight sheen. Its unique, rippled surface adds an interesting dimension to any indoor garden, and its manageable size makes it suitable for smaller spaces.

16. Monstera Aurea

types of monstera

A variegated cultivar of Monstera standleyana, Monstera aurea is a rare and eye-catching plant with striking yellow variegation on its elongated, lanceolate leaves. This dazzling variety is perfect for adding a pop of color to any plant collection and can be grown in hanging baskets or on climbing supports.

17. Monststera Dissecta

With its deeply dissected, lace-like leaves, Monstera dissecta is a truly unique species native to the rainforests of Central and South America. Its delicate, intricate foliage makes it a mesmerizing addition to any plant collection, and its rarity only adds to its appeal.

18. Monstera Subpinnata

Monstera subpinnata is an elegant species featuring elongated, pinnately divided leaves with a slightly undulating texture. This visually appealing plant is native to Colombia and is an excellent choice for those seeking a more uncommon Monstera variety.

19. Monstera Spruceana

Originating from the rainforests of Central and South America, Monstera spruceana is a captivating species with heart-shaped leaves that develop striking fenestrations as the plant matures. The pronounced venation on its foliage creates a bold visual effect, making this species a standout addition to any indoor garden.

20. Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo-Variegata'

This stunning cultivar of Monstera deliciosa features bold white variegation on its large, split leaves. The striking contrast between the white variegation and dark green foliage makes this plant a true showstopper in any indoor space.

21. Monstera Tornelliana

Monstera tornelliana is a charming, lesser-known species with small, elongated leaves adorned with delicate fenestrations. Its petite size and unique foliage make it a perfect addition to smaller indoor spaces or terrariums.

22. Monstera Falcifolia

This rare Monstera species is known for its intriguing, sickle-shaped leaves that lack fenestrations. Monstera falcifolia's distinctive foliage and compact growth habit make it an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts seeking a unique and uncommon specimen.

23. Monstera Minima

types of monstera

Also known as Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, Monstera minima is a fast-growing vining plant with split leaves that resemble a miniature version of Monstera deliciosa. While not technically a Monstera, it is commonly referred to as such due to its similar appearance. This plant is ideal for those who love the look of Monstera deliciosa but have limited space or prefer a faster-growing variety. You can Buy Monstera minima here.

24. Monstera Adansonii 'Archipelago'

types of monstera

A rare cultivar of Monstera adansonii, Archipelago features striking white and cream variegation on its fenestrated leaves. This exquisite variety is highly sought after by plant collectors and is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any indoor garden.

25. Monstera Variegata 'Mint'

types of monstera

A unique cultivar of Monstera deliciosa, Monstera Variegata 'Mint' boasts intriguing mint-green variegation on its iconic split leaves. The subtle color variation adds a refreshing twist to the classic Monstera look, making it a delightful addition to any plant collection.


There you have it – 25 popular types of Monstera that showcase the incredible diversity and allure of these captivating plants. From the classic Monstera deliciosa to the rare and enigmatic Monstera obliqua, the world of Monsteras offers a treasure trove of possibilities for plant enthusiasts of all levels.

As you expand your plant collection, consider introducing one or more of these fascinating Monstera varieties to your indoor jungle. Each species brings its unique charm, aesthetic, and growth habit, providing endless opportunities for creativity and inspiration.

With their striking foliage, adaptable nature, and endless variety, it's no wonder Monstera plants have become an enduring favorite among plant enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned indoor gardener or a curious novice, the enchanting world of Monsteras has something for everyone. From their breathtaking, split leaves to their intriguing growth habits, these captivating plants never cease to amaze and delight those who encounter them.

As you embark on your journey into the captivating universe of Monstera plants, remember that patience, care, and curiosity are your greatest allies. Take the time to learn about the specific needs of each species, and you'll be rewarded with a thriving, vibrant indoor garden that brings joy, tranquility, and a touch of the tropics to your home.

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