Top 13 Best LED Grow Lights

Best LED Grow Lights

LEDs are some of the best indoor grow lights on the market, but there are so many out there that it can be tough to choose the right type of grow light.

Therefore I have created this list of the top 13 best LED grow lights currently available for any type of grow. These led grow lights will help you grow whatever you want indoors, so you can be sure you'll have the best chance at having a successful harvest.

List Of The Best LED Grow Lights

1. Mars Hydro FC4800

These grow lights are some of the best LED grow lights out there and offer something not seen before.

They have a bar-styled design, which has improved light coverage compared to a quantum board. This can seriously help you when trying to have an even canopy and will help increase yields. It has a removable driver which is something new and helps keep the driver from overheating. it also comes with a dimmable knob and on/off for easy control.

There are 3 sizes of these grow lights, one for a 3ft x 3ft area, 4ft x 4ft, and a 5ft x 5ft. It's also built with reliable components including an Inventronics driver and Samsung lm301b diodes. Prices start at 389.99$ for the 3ft by 3ft.

These grow lights are overall some of the best LED grow lights available. They're well built, can daisy chain, and offer great light coverage. These are grow lights that will last many harvests and will surely help you in the short and long term.

Image Credit: The Green Sunshine Company

2. Electric Sky

These are quality above all. They are well built and have a powerful full spectrum. This grow light has a light intensity stronger than other grow lights I've tested. I've noticed increased yields and better overall plant health.

I recommend using this grow light in a 2ft x 4ft area to achieve maximum yields. If you are growing in a 4ft x 4ft grow tent then I recommend you buy two of these.

Price: 695.00$


  • Well Built

  • Explosive Growth For Plants

  • Daisy Chain Ability

  • Low Heat Output

  • Dimmable Light Knob

  • High Yielding

  • No Noise


  • No Water Resistance

The Electric Sky 300 v3 is an improvement from the old v2 version offering better diode tech and light penetration.

Light goes directly down and penetrates the canopy down to the soil! This grow light is overall one of the best LED grow lights for a 2ft x 4ft grow tent. See it here at TheGreenSunshineCompany

3. Spider Farmer SF4000

These grow lights are very powerful in all the best ways when it comes to LED grow lights in 2021. They are very efficient when it comes to energy, costing lower than most of today’s LEDs but still offer great performance. They come in 3 sizes, One for a 2ft x 2ft area, another for a 2ft x 4ft area, and the biggest one which is rated for a 4ft x 4ft area. Prices start a 159.99$ for the 2ft by 2ft.

They're built with reliable components including a Meanwell driver and Samsung lm301b diodes. They're also capable of daisy-chaining and multi dimming which is a nice feature if you need multiple lights. There's no built-in fan so no need to worry about noise. Watch out though, cause they can get really hot to the touch.

Overall the Spider Farmer is one of the best bangs for you're buck, as it offers superior light output and gives off very low heat. Which in my opinion makes it automatically better than using the purple spectrum or HPS. All in all a quality and reliable product.

4. HLG 650R

This LED grow light has great efficiency and light output. Seems to be as strong as my sf4000. It's well built and perfect for a 5x5ft area.

It is Very Bright and offers impressive performance and quality while still producing good light coverage.

The HLG 650R features Samsung LM301H diodes and an Inventronics Driver for a price significantly higher than other midrange LEDs. HLG is American-made so that factors into their slightly higher cost. The price for this LED grow light is 934.15$

It's a great option offering a 5x5ft coverage and an excellent light spectrum for quality flower and yields.

5. Mars Hydro SP3000

This Mars Hydro light is overall one of the strongest full-spectrum lights you can buy. The light comes completely assembled and ready to go, no need to wire anything up.

This grow light has the best components and is overall one of the best options if you are growing in a 2ft x 4ft area. Prices start at 139.99$ for the SP150. I recommend using a grow tent to get the maximum harvest. It's built with Samsung LM301B & Osram 660nm Diodes, UV & IR diodes, and a MeanWell Driver. It can also be daisy-chained (up to 15 lights connected) and IP65 Waterproof.

Mars Hydro has a pretty good selection of grow lights that are not bad for the price. They have improved over these past few years, and their SP3000 Series proves that. Which offers great quality for the price.

6. Barrina T8

These lights are easy to set up and the kit includes everything needed for a variety of setup situations. The price of these LED grow lights is only 59.99$ for a pack of 6.

The lights can connect directly or be daisy-chained from shelve to shelve. They include 3 full cords with wall plugs in case you want to use your units in different places. They also include all the options for mounting--zip ties, double-sided tape, clamps with rings, etc. No tools are needed.

Overall these lights are great for growing microgreens, There bright and provide everything you need to successfully make it to your first harvest. Definitely a great value for your money.

7. SonoFarm SF4000

The Sonofarm 4000 is undoubtedly one of the best quantum boards available. It's built with the best components at a lower price compared to similar spec'd LED grow lights.

This LED grow light is rated for a 5ft x 5ft grow area, but I recommend using a 4ftx4ft grow tent instead, so your plants can get equal light coverage which will help increase your yields. Prices start at 159.99$ for the 2ft by 2ft version.


The price point is lower than other competitors and includes a 5-year warranty with a rated 100,000-hour lifespan.



It has Samsung lm301b diodes and a MeanWell Driver. Utilizing more Infrared Light (IR), which is known to help increase yields. The SonoFarm overall makes an excellent grow light and is more than capable of helping you grow big, dense nugs.


The build quality of this grow light is overall really good. It's bright, has a heat sink, and the spectrum gets the job done. It also has the ability to daisy chain with Wifi capabilities, which makes it seem more ahead of the curve considering the price. The light consumes only 150 Watts and has 756 Diodes. The price of this LED grow light is only 99.99$.

The components like the Diodes and Driver are not known, which is quite common among grow lights around this price.


The Light spectrum is overall really good, It's very bright and the build quality is made of aluminum and seems very durable, and has an effective heat sink. It surprisingly has daisy chain ability and Wifi capabilities which make it seem more ahead of the curve while still offering a good light spectrum.


The components like the Diodes and Driver are not known.

Overall this LED Grow Light is a good bang for you're buck. It provides everything you need for a successful grow. It may not have Samsung diodes, but it still packs a powerful punch, the build is solid and it makes a great grow light

9. Byingo T8

These lights are 4ft long and offer pretty good value for the price. They're easy to attach to the underside of the shelves and the electrical connections are super easy to put together. The price of these LED grow lights is only 79.99 for a pack of 4.

The lights come with a variety of elements for hanging, and even small plastic plugs for the sides of the light if you weren't going to chain them together. The lights don't get very warm at all (even after being on for 10+ hours), and the small aluminum shields keep the light focused down on the plants. Overall these are professional lights for growing with shelving!

10. UMAX-1000

For only 70 Dollars the Umax-1000 is an absolute beast of a light, it comes with top-notch components better than other so-called "High End LED Grow lights".

Featuring a Meanwell Driver and Samsung 3030 Diodes this light is more than capable of growing most plants.


  • 5-year warranty

  • SMD 3030 Chips

  • Meanwell Driver

  • Well Built and Highly Efficient

  • Bright


  • No on/off Switch or Dimmable knob

  • No Daisy Chain Ability

It does not come with all the bell and whistles, no on and off switch, No dimmer knob, (there is a screw dimmer but it is under the mean well power supply), but overall, it's still a great budget light.

One thing this company offers that many do not is a 5-year warranty, so no need to worry about replacements if something goes wrong. Overall this light is definitely at the top when it comes to quality and price.

11. Mars Hydro TSW2000

The Mars Hydro TSW 2000 LED grow light has a simple design and is very easy to set up. You don’t need to buy anything for the light as it comes with the proper ratchet clasps and braided cable for hanging. The price of this LED grow light is 269.99$.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t get hot. The dimming feature is a must when getting an LED grow light these days (2021).


It's built with SMD LEDs and Has UV and IR diodes for blooming & fruiting. The components that make up the Driver and SMD Diodes are not known but still work effectively. It is also capable of daisy-chaining (up to 15 lights connected).


It Includes a dimmable knob with an on/off button for easy control and has a very effective heat sink that gives off very little heat. The light coverage performs very well for a 3ft x 3ft area.


Not suitable for a 4ft x 4ft grow unless you're growing autos.

Final Thoughts

Overall it's a really good light for growing marijuana in a 3ft x 3ft space. The light comes with everything you need to have a successful grow and is a great alternative to HID Lights.

Mars Hydro has come a long way as their lights just seem to keep getting better and better.


This is an impressive light. These are quality LEDs with the driver to match. The unit is well built with an aluminum heat sink. The price of this LED grow light is only 79.99$ and it covers a 2ft by 2ft area.

This grow light is an upgraded version of the previous light and is similar in price, but offers better components like a MeanWell driver, and Samsung lm301b diodes. It does not come with a dimmable knob, or an on and off switch, which means the only way to turn it off is to unplug it. which is expected considering the price.


  • Meanwell Driver

  • Samsung LEDs


  • No dimmable knob

  • No on/off switch

The driver, LEDs, and design are made well. It provides a spectrum similar to a Spider Farmer, but for a significantly less price. This light is great for a small grow tent, and will provide you with a spectrum powerful enough to grow most plants. Which is certainly a great value for the money.

13. Atreum Hydra Grow Light

Lights like this are the future of indoor LED growing. The Atreum Hydra-1000 is simple and easy to use, featuring a new LED formation designed to increase overall light coverage.

The first thing I noticed about the light is the high-quality build and feel, It’s apparent when you hold this light in your hands that it is quality made. The price of this LED grow light is 149.99$ and it covers a 2ft by 2ft area.


  • Easy setup.

  • Ultra Lightweight.

  • Samsung trusted LED array with a quality driver.

  • Great coverage.

  • Digital wattage output 1-100w readout with dimmer.


  • NONE

The LEDs are not set in the usual grid configuration, they are spaced closer together at the edges of the light.

This assures that the light is almost as intense around the "edges" as it is in the middle of the space, which eliminates "hotspots" in the center of the light- no one else does that. I think Atreum is on to something with this configuration change.

Don’t let the price fool you, this light packs all the punch of a light claiming way higher wattage. With a trusted Meanwell driver and trusted Samsung LED’s, this light will serve for many years. This is a professional quality light for amateur growers.

Final Thoughts

Overall these are my top picks for growing indoors. All of these LED grow lights on this list are full-spectrum and are fully capable of growing many different types of plants indoors. If you are thinking about growing you're own food I highly recommend these LED grow lights!

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