8 LED Grow Light Advantages Versus HIDs and Fluorescents

LED grow lights advantages

LED Grow lights are becoming more and more popular, so it is important we talk about the advantages of choosing LED Grow Lights over traditional Lighting systems like (HIDS) and fluorescents.

Fluorescents and (HIDS) have been used way longer than LEDs and were once considered the best for indoor gardening. LED grow lights are a new technology that offer significant environmental benefits and are also sustainable.

So, what are the advantages over choosing an LED grow light over an HID or fluorescent?

Well, Lets get into it, Starting with number 1.

List of LED grow light advantages:

1. Longer Lasting

LED Grow Lights

A top quality set of LEDs can last as long as 100,000 hours. Where as HIDs and fluorescents only last as long as 10,000 hours.

So when choosing an LED grow light you won’t have to worry about changing bulbs every year, compared to HID and fluorescent lights.

2. Highly Efficient

led grow lights

The energy saving that growers can expect from using a very efficient LED grow light, instead of an HID grow light or fluorescent, is around 48%.

This percentage may drop to as low as 20% with less efficient LED grow lights.

3. Produce Less Heat

LED grow lights

LED grow lights produce significantly less heat, and makes them better for growing in smaller spaces. This also gives LED grow lights the ability to be placed closer to plants due to the low heat output.

This is advantageous for growers growing in areas limited by height. This feature will allows growers to place the lights closer to plants to ensure optimal light penetration deep into the canopy. Which helps grow bigger and healthier plants.

4. Intense Full Spectrum Light

LED grow lights are the only grow lights to have a full spectrum. Using full spectrum light to grow plants is much more effective, and is capable of growing a plant throughout it's entire life cycle.

HIDS and fluorescents on the other hand require 2 different lights, one for veg, and one for flower. So, buying one full spectrum LED grow light is all you're going to need to grow multiple plants from seed to harvest.

Whether it be fruits, vegetables, herbs, cannabis, or microgreens, LED grow lights can grow them all.

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5. Come In A Variety Of Sizes

LED grow light advantages

Since LED grow lights come in a variety of sizes, they can be used in really tight spaces like shelves. This is incredibly helpful for us to be able to grow what ever we want at home, no matter how big or small the space is.

You can grow herbs, vegetables, microgreens, and just about anything in any type of space. So if all you have is an empty closet, these will definitely come in handy.

Since they help you grow food at home just about anywhere, there should be no excuse for you not being able to grow you're own food!

6. Environmentally Friendly

LED grow lights can be fully recycled, making them an eco-friendly alternative to HID lights.

HID lights contain fairly high amounts of mercury, which can be very harsh on the environment and you're plants – especially when it’s burned.

7. Variable Sizes For Custom Growing Spaces

LED grow lights come in many shapes and sizes. Most LED grow lights have a certain light coverage that is mentioned by the manufacture.

Some LED grow lights have a light coverage of 2ft by 4ft, others are 4ft by 4ft, 5ft by 5ft, 3ft by 3ft, 2ft by 2ft, and so on.

The best thing to use with an LED grow light is a grow tent. Because grow tents are built in the sizes I just mentioned above.

Not only can you use a grow tent, but also a vertical shelf. Since there are vertical shelves that are 2ft wide by 4ft long, you can use them for growing also.

Although, I only recommend you grow small herbs or microgreens if you plan on growing with a vertical shelf.

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8. Use Less Energy

LED grow lights produce significantly less heat. While HIDs and fluorescents produce way more heat. So when choosing an LED grow light, you can expect less energy being used for cooling.

Final Thoughts

This advancement in technology has definitely improved indoor grow lights significantly! This is why LED grow lights are now the ultimate indoor grow lights you want to be using for growing anything indoors.

HIDs and fluorescents may be a cheaper option in the short term, but in the long term, you are ultimately spending way more money. That is why choosing an LED grow light is now going to be you're best option for growing indoors.

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