LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescents Lights: Which is Better For Growing?

LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescents Lights: Which is Better For Growing?

Now if you want to know which is better, it all depends on what purpose you need them for. For example, LED Grow Lights are better at growing heavy fruiting plants whereas the T5 fluorescent lighting is only good for small microgreen plants.

The type of light you choose to use will be different depending on your goals. Let's talk about Fluorescent lights first.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescents are widely available and are very small, thin, and portable. They produce incredible brightness using blue and white light. T5 Bulbs in particular can be used for growing small plants, such as microgreens.

They can be used to grow plants because they produce the required spectrum that enhances plant growth.

Do not use fluorescents if you are growing fruit or vegetable plants, as fluorescents do not have enough red light.

What Can You Grow With a Fluorescent Light?

Fluorescent lights are an ideal light for most microgreen plants. They produce the required brightness that most microgreens need to thrive. Although, I still don't recommend using fluorescents.

I personally use LED Grow Light Strips instead, they are very similar to fluorescents in design, but overall produce a better spectrum, and will grow healthier plants.

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If you are growing cannabis or a fruiting plant, I recommend an LED Grow Light instead.

Advantages of Fluorescent lights:

  • cheap

  • small and portable

  • widely available

Disadvantages of Fluorescent lights:

  • use more power

  • produce more heat

  • It May contain harmful chemicals

LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are literally the best option for growing. They produce a much wider spectrum that is best suited for all stages of growth. These are the grow lights you want to use when you are growing indoors no matter what.

Why Choose an LED Grow Light?

One of the reasons why LED grow lights are increasing more in popularity is that they have a longer lifespan, an LED grow light can run as long as 100,000 hours – which is way more than fluorescents and HIDs.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights:

  • come in a variety of sizes

  • intense full-spectrum light capabilities

  • variable sizes for customized growing spaces

  • highly efficient watt to lumen ratio

  • long lifespan

  • Save energy

  • environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights:

  • Expensive

  • The size of the light may limit their ability to work in vertical systems

LED Grow Lights are Environmentally Friendly

LED grow lights can be fully recycled, making them an eco-friendly alternative to fluorescent lights. fluorescent lights contain fairly high amounts of mercury, which can be very harsh on the environment.

LED grow lights, on the other hand, do not contain these harmful substances, which means the air around you and your plants will not be compromised. You’ll be saving yourself and saving the environment.

Final Thoughts

Overall Fluorescent lights are a great option if you're on a small budget and just want to experiment with a small microgreen grow, however, if you are serious about growing food indoors in the most efficient way possible, then using LED grow lights is always the way to go.

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