Top 10 LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

When it comes to choosing your LED grow light for your indoor grow. There are three important things you must know first.

  • The Size Of Your Growing Area

  • The Specs Of An LED Grow Light

  • The Price Of An LED Grow Light

What is the size of your growing area? Choose an LED grow light that is the right size for your growing area. Then, look at the specs, A good LED grow light will have Samsung Diodes and will tell you the name of the diodes. If the diodes aren't listed, then most likely they are cheaply made.

Then, of course, the price. LED Grow Lights are an investment and should be looked at as an investment. Whether you decide to go commercial, or just have a casual home grow, these LED grow lights will get the job done.

Starting with number 1.

1. Sonofarm SF1000

The Sonofarm 1000 is undoubtedly one of the best quantum boards available. It's built with the best components at a lower price compared to similar spec'd LED grow lights.

This LED grow light is rated for a 2ft x 2ft grow area. It has Samsung lm301b diodes and a MeanWell Driver. Utilizing more Infrared Light (IR), which is known to help increase yields.

The SonoFarm overall makes an excellent grow light and is more than capable of helping you grow big, dense nugs.

2. Mars Hydro FC3000

MarsHydro went with a different approach on this light and chose to use a bar-style design. Which during my testing has overall led to an increase in light coverage compared to a quantum board.

The light consumes only 300 Watts and has 896 Diodes. Featuring Samsung lm301b diodes, a dimmable knob with an on/off switch, and a MeanWell Driver.

This LED grow light in particular is good if you are growing in a 3ftx3ft area. I don't recommend using a grow tent bigger than 4ft x 4ft. Unless you're buying multiple lights.

Overall, this is a great grow light for growing indoors, it's pricier but is worth it in the short and long term.

3. Mars Hydro TS1000

The Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED grow light has a simple design and is very easy to set up. You don’t need to buy anything for the light as it comes with the proper ratchet clasps and braided cable for hanging.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t get hot. The dimming feature is a must when getting an LED grow light these days (2021).

It's built with SMD LEDs and Has UV and IR diodes for blooming & fruiting. The components that make up the Driver and SMD Diodes are not known but still work effectively. It is also capable of daisy-chaining (up to 15 lights connected).

It Includes a dimmable knob with an on/off button for easy control and has a very effective heat sink that gives off very little heat. The light coverage performs very well for a 2ft x 2ft area. Not suitable for a 3ft x 3ft grow unless you're growing autos.

Overall it's a really good light for growing marijuana in a 3ft x 3ft space. The light comes with everything you need to have a successful grow, and is a great alternative to HID Lights. Mars Hydro has come a long way as their lights just seem to keep getting better and better.


The build quality of this grow light is overall really good. It's bright, has a heat sink, and the spectrum gets the job done.

It also has the ability to daisy chain with Wifi capabilities, which makes it seem more ahead of the curve considering the price. The light consumes only 150 Watts and has 756 Diodes.

The components like the Diodes and Driver are not known, which is quite common among grow lights around this price.

Overall this LED Grow Light is a good bang for you're buck. It provides everything you need for a successful grow.

It may not have Samsung diodes, but it still packs a powerful punch. It has an overall solid build and is an overall good grow light.


The S1000 is an overall good budget-led grow light providing pretty good components at a reasonable price.

This grow light is best to be used in a 2ft by 2ft grow tent. It has 218 diodes and consumes only 100 watts.

It does not come with an on or off switch, which means the only way to turn it off is to unplug it. which isn't a big deal, but it is to be expected considering the price.

The build quality is good for the price. It's very similar to a Spider Farmer in many ways. But instead has Samsung LM281b+ diodes, not 301b, and a Sosen driver, instead of MeanWell.


6. Spider Farmer SF2000

The Spider Farmer SF2000 is overall one of my favorite grow lights as it is extremely well built, long-lasting, and bright.

It's capable of daisy-chaining and multi dimming which is a nice feature if you need multiple lights. There's also no built-in fan so no need to worry about noise.

It's built with reliable components including a Meanwell driver and Samsung lm301b diodes. I recommend using a 2ft x 4ft grow tent to achieve the maximum harvest.

The Spider Farmer is an all-around great light and will help you.

7. Atreum Hydra Grow Light

Lights like this are the future of indoor LED growing. The Atreum Hydra-1000 is simple and easy to use, featuring a new LED formation designed to increase overall light coverage.

The first thing I noticed about the light is the high-quality build and feel, It’s apparent when you hold this light in your hands that it is quality made.

The LEDs are not set in the usual grid configuration, they are spaced closer together at the edges of the light.

This assures that the light is almost as intense around the "edges" as it is in the middle of the space, which eliminates "hotspots" in the center of the light- no one else does that. I think Atreum is on to something with this configuration change.

Don’t let the price fool you, this light packs all the punch of a light claiming way higher wattage. With a trusted Meanwell driver and trusted Samsung LED’s, this light will serve for many years.

This is a professional quality light for amateur growers.

8. Barrina T8

These LED grow light strips are best for growing microgreens. There lightweight, easy to set up, have low power consumption, and come with everything you need.

They are excellent for growing in a 2ft x 4ft vertical shelf as they are 4ft long. Keeping the lights close to the plants is not a problem as the lights are not hot and do not burn the plants.

They can also all connect or be used individually. Overall these are great lights for growing anything in a 2ft by 4ft shelving unit.

9. Monios-L T8

These lights are extremely bright, easy to install, and easy to use. They come with ample mounting and wiring options.

Just like the previous light on this list, it seems like a well-designed product. They are good lights for growing herbs and small vegetables.

Overall these are good grow lights and will help you grow food indoors.

10. Byingo T8

These lights are 4ft long and offer pretty good value for the price. They're easy to attach to the underside of the shelves and the electrical connections are super easy to put together.

The lights come with a variety of elements for hanging, and even small plastic plugs for the sides of the light if you weren't going to chain them together.

The lights don't get very warm at all (even after being on for 10+ hours), and the small aluminum shields keep the light focused down on the plants.

Overall these are professional lights for growing!

So, Why Choose an LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are the lighting of future agriculture. They are not only economic in their use but they produce better plants as well, in comparison to all traditional lighting options. LEDs win in terms of energy efficiency, the quality of plants cultivated as well as environmental friendliness.

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