Top 5 Led Grow Lights For Plants

LED Grow Lights For Plants

LED grow lights for plants

If you are just getting into growing your own plants indoors, or are already growing. Then you may want to take a look at some of these LED grow lights.

We are in a time where growing at home is much easier and better than ever. These LED grow lights will help you grow indoors much faster and more efficiently.

So now let's get into it, starting with number 5 on this list.

5. Spider Farmer SF-2000

The spider farmer SF2000 overall has the best performance and is super bright, It runs quietly as it does not have a built-in fan.

Consuming only 200 watts makes this LED grow light a great option if you are growing in a 2ft x 4ft area. It will surely help you grow anything you want indoors.

4. Phlizon 2021

This LED grow light consumes 450w at its most and could light up 5ft x 5ft area. It is pricier than the others but it's well worth it in the long run if you plan on growing for a long time.

It's built with 1,728 Samsung diodes and is definitely more on the redder side of the spectrum. Which helps promote bigger yields. Overall this is a high-quality grow light and will surely last for many years.


MarsHydro really went with a different approach on this light and chose to use a bar-style design. Which during my testing has overall led to an increase in light coverage compared to a quantum board.

This LED grow light is one of the best in my opinion. It's great for a 4ft x 4ft area and will certainly grow big, beautiful plants.


Spider Farmer never fails, just depends on what you are looking for. This LED grow light is great for a 4ft by 4ft area and offers superb performance.

It's built with Samsung diodes and a MeanWell driver. This makes this LED grow light one of the most efficient grow lights on the market. It is expensive but is obviously well worth it in the long term.


Another mars hydro is on the list, It has a light coverage of 4ft x 4ft, so it's more room and the performance on this one is just outstanding.

If you ask me personally this is my favorite standing at a 450w power draw it could grow some really nice buds.

Final Thoughts

Overall these are the best LED grow lights for starting an indoor garden. They will help you grow whatever you want indoors.

Growing indoors is much better than outside because now you have the ability to control the climate and conditions you're plants live in. This is really helpful for getting bigger yields and producing overall more healthy plants.

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