5 Must See Gardening Ideas For Growing Food

Gardening Ideas

gardening ideas

Growing food at home is one of the smartest things you can do. It can help you in times of strife, not only that, but it's FREE food, being grown, from your own home.

Here are a few gardening ideas to help you start growing your own food at home!

5. Turn Your Yard Into A Food Garden

Gardening ideas

If you are a homeowner and have a yard, turning that yard into a food garden would be a wise decision. Instead of your yard just being grass, practically doing nothing to serve you.

Start growing your own food! Now, you don't have to turn your entire yard into a food garden, but, you can have sections in your yard where you just grow food, maybe a corner here, a corner there. some tomatoes here, an apple tree there, and so on.

Start forming specific areas where you just grow food, you can make your own pathways to them, and just get creative with it. Whatever works for you, just start, and learn along the way. It won't happen overnight, just experiment with different plant combinations.

Eventually, you'll have a full-fledge food garden growing you FREE food in you're own front or backyard.

4. Indoor Microgreen Garden

Gardening ideas

Microgreens, microgreens, microgreens... What are microgreens you might say?

Microgreens are simply younger versions of herbs and vegetables. Instead of growing them until harvest time. You harvest them when they are only 5 - 14 days old.

This makes growing microgreens extremely easy for just about anyone with no experience growing. Not only that, but the health benefits of eating microgreens are tremendous.

Eating them provides you with many vitamins and minerals, which will help your body stay healthy. Some microgreens are even considered a superfood.

The best place to grow microgreens is indoors, in your own home. You can grow them next to a window if you live in a sunny climate. But there's an even better way to grow them and to grow lots of them at one time.

Read my post on how to grow lots of microgreens at home, it goes over step by step what equipment you need, and how to grow them. It's overall extremely simple and easy to start a microgreen garden, and the health benefits they provide are simply well worth it.

3. Hydroponic Food Garden

Gardening ideas

Growing food hydroponically saves time and money, in the long term. What does it mean to grow food hydroponically? Well, it means to grow food with just water, instead of soil.

No more spending money on the soil when you can just use water, oh, and did you know there is a device that can make water out of thin air? That water can also be used for these hydroponic systems.

But I will admit, to get this device, you must contact the company, which may or may not respond, so getting ahold of this technology is not guaranteed.

Here's an idea on how to have FREE electricity, water, and food, you don't have to do this, but it's something that can be done with current technology.

The device I just showed you that can generate water from thin air requires electricity to do so, so, instead of hooking it up to the power grid, make your own power grid.

To do this, just simply get some solar panels and build your own solar system, to learn how to do this, check out Will Prowse, who teaches you step by step how to build your own solar system at home.

This solar system can connect to the device I just showed you.

Now you will be receiving free electricity from the sun ---> which will connect to the device that will provide you free water from the air ---> which will provide you water for the hydroponic system ---> which will provide you free food.

Do you see how they all connect to provide you with free electricity, water, and food?

There are many ways to grow food hydroponically, some require the use of electricity, and some don't. I highly recommend you take a look at some of these hydroponic kits to get you started.

2. Solar Powered Food Garden

Gardening ideas

This ties in with the hydroponic systems I was just talking about. Using solar energy to grow food indoors, in the safety of your own home.

Hydroponic systems, for example, tower gardens, need electricity to function. Can be connected to a solar system, which will ultimately provide electricity to the tower gardens, to grow food indoors.

Now, the benefits of growing food indoors are the convenience and safety it provides to the food being grown. Growing indoors protects the food you are growing from unwanted pests and bugs which may try to eat your food if you were to grow them outside.

The solar systems will help you become self-reliable and sustainable. Ultimately providing you free electricity and free food in the long term.

1. Grow Food Vertically

Gardening ideas

Growing food vertically is THE best way to grow multiple plants that will not only be able to feed you, but also your family, and neighbors.

Growing food vertically and hydroponically is the easiest, and most passive way, to grow food at home. Not only that, but once you get growing, you may have so much food growing that you may not know what to do with it.

That's when you give it away to friends, family, and neighbors. But of course, make sure you have enough for yourself too.

There are many ways to grow vertically, you can use the soil and pot method, or the wall method, or even better, the hydroponic tower method. Which in my opinion is the best way to grow food. You can either grow them outside or inside or both. Some require electricity and some don't. I highly recommend you experiment and see what works best for you.

But I will tell you what has worked best for me. That is indoor hydroponic tower gardens, they do require electricity to work, but that is for the LED grow light strips that they come with, and water pump inside the tower.

What I do is connect a solar-powered system to these hydroponic tower gardens, that way, I get FREE electricity and FREE food, all being produced from my own home.

Final Thoughts

These are just some ideas to help you start growing your own food at home, I encourage you to start becoming self-reliant and sustainable. That way, you too, can have power, and control, over your electricity, water, and food, to support yourself, and your family.

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