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Top 10 Garden Planter Boxes: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect One

garden planter boxes

Garden planter boxes can transform your outdoor space, making gardening more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. They're versatile, easy to manage, and perfect for homeowners who want to add a personal touch to their green spaces.

In this guide, we aim to provide you with a wealth of practical knowledge on how to incorporate garden planter boxes into your home gardening routine. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just getting started, choosing the right planter box can make all the difference in your gardening endeavors.

garden planter boxes

Key Aspects to Consider


The material of your planter box can greatly impact its durability, maintenance needs, and aesthetic appeal. Wooden planter boxes, for instance, are traditionally popular for their natural beauty, but they can be susceptible to rot and insect damage. On the other hand, metal or plastic options might be more durable, but may not provide the same warmth and charm. Understanding the pros and cons of different materials will guide you in making an informed decision.


The size of the planter box you choose should depend on the types of plants you intend to grow and the available space in your garden. If you're planning to grow root vegetables or large shrubs, a deeper, larger box may be required. For small flowers or herbs, a smaller box will suffice.


The design of your planter box should reflect your personal style and complement the overall aesthetic of your garden. From rustic wooden boxes to sleek modern planters, there's a wide range of styles to choose from.

Type of Plants:

Different plants have different needs in terms of root space, drainage, and soil type. Make sure to choose a planter box that will best accommodate the specific needs of your chosen plants.

Specific Conditions of Your Garden:

Consider the unique conditions of your garden, such as the amount of sunlight, rainfall, and wind it receives. These factors will influence the suitability of different planter boxes.

Benefits of Using Planter Boxes

Enhanced Soil Conditions:

With a planter box, you have the opportunity to customize the soil mix to suit your plants' specific needs. This can result in healthier, more vigorous plants.

Improved Pest Control:

Planter boxes can reduce the likelihood of pest invasions. They're elevated from the ground, making it harder for pests to reach your plants.

Optimized Water Management:

Planter boxes often have built-in drainage systems that can help prevent overwatering, a common issue that can harm or even kill plants.

Increased Gardening Success:

With greater control over soil, water, and pest conditions, you're more likely to enjoy a successful harvest or a vibrant display of flowers.


Beyond the practical advantages, planter boxes can also bring aesthetic pleasure. They can be used to create beautiful displays and can be a satisfying DIY project for the green-fingered homeowner.

With these considerations in mind, you're well-prepared to make a smart decision about which planter box will best meet your needs. Let's now turn our attention to our top 10 planter box picks to help guide your choice.

10 Garden Planter Boxes


Crafted from sustainably sourced Canadian Western Red Cedar, this garden planter box pairs the beauty of natural wood with exceptional durability. Its tan hue blends seamlessly with most garden styles, adding a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor space. The box's rectangular shape and floor-standing mounting type provide a sturdy and spacious home for your plants.

What sets this garden planter box apart is its innovative self-watering irrigation system, which includes a convenient fill tube and a water level indicator. This feature simplifies your gardening routine, ensuring consistent water delivery that fosters healthier, more productive plants. With its impressive 6-gallon capacity, the system also helps conserve water, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Perfect for all locations, be it patios, balconies, or backyard gardens, this planter box brings the flexibility of container gardening right to your fingertips. Its elevated design also promises an easy working height, reducing strain on your back and knees, while offering protection for your plants from pests.

This Red Cedar planter box is not only a functional piece, but it's also easy to assemble without any tools. Its soil capacity is an ample 4.0 cubic feet, and it offers a generous planting area of 20 x 46 x 7.8 inches. When fully assembled, it stands at a comfortable height with outer dimensions of 23 x 49 x 30 inches.

Embodying a perfect balance of practicality and aesthetics, this Western Red Cedar Garden Planter Box promises to enhance your gardening experience while becoming a standout feature in your outdoor space.

Elevate your gardening with this multi-level garden planter box, intricately constructed from durable Cypress and Cedar wood. This innovative planter box presents a space-saving solution for gardening enthusiasts struggling to find sufficient room for their thriving collection of herbs and flowers.

The square, free-standing planter box delivers a rustic charm that will effortlessly brighten up any wall or corner of your garden. With its contrasting green and red color, it offers a unique aesthetic that encapsulates the countryside charm while serving as a striking accent to your gardening area.

Despite its compact design, it provides you with four spacious levels for planting. This makes it an ideal choice for gardeners who want to grow various herbs or vegetables without compromising lawn space. Its measurements of 32"W x 32"D x 24"H ensure each level has ample room for your plants to flourish.

Like the strong and resilient Cypress tree, this planter box boasts of a sturdy construction that withstands decay, much like the toughness of the Western Red Cedar. Whether you choose to use it indoors or position it in your outdoor garden, you can trust it to stand the test of time.

The Fairfield Self-Watering Window Box Planter is an innovative solution for those who value both aesthetics and functionality. Built from 100% high-grade Polyethylene resin, this planter exhibits resilience against high impact, chemicals, and extreme weather, making it a versatile choice for every season.

Adorned in a classic white, the planter features a rectangular shape and a paintable surface, offering room for personalization to match any decor style. Its double-wall design adds a layer of robustness while ensuring the roots and potting mix are adequately insulated from fluctuating external conditions.

What sets this planter apart is its self-watering mechanism. It houses a water reservoir inside which the planting container sits, drawing water into the potting mix through capillary action. This ensures the plants are well-watered and flourish in optimal conditions.

The Fairfield planter is designed to endure the elements. The Polyethylene resin contains built-in UV inhibitors, minimizing the sun's damaging effects, preserving the color, and enhancing the product's lifespan.

With a weight of just 13.5 lbs and dimensions of 36in L x 11in W x 10.8in H, it offers ample space without being overly cumbersome. This planter has an impressive soil capacity of approximately 6.5 gallons (24.6 liters) and a water reservoir capacity of 3 gallons (11.35 liters), which signifies a thoughtful design keeping both plant growth and maintenance in mind.

Offering a 15-year residential warranty or a 5-year commercial warranty, Mayne, the makers of the Fairfield Planter, have confidence in their product's durability. If you're in search of a stylish and practical solution for window gardening, this planter box could be an excellent choice.

When it comes to constructing a raised garden bed that allows ample room for your plants to grow while also being stylish and durable, the Greenes Original Raised Garden Bed emerges as a compelling option. This open-bottom frame is crafted from cedar, a material known for its longevity and resistance to weathering. Plus, the wood is left untreated, ensuring an organic and safe environment for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

What's unique about Greenes' original line is the use of unsanded 11/16 in. thick boards, providing a sturdy frame that can withstand various growing conditions. The natural wood color of the raised bed lends an authentic, rustic charm to your garden.

One of the highlights of this garden bed is its easy assembly. Greenes Fence uses dovetail interlocking joints, allowing each board to slide into the corner posts effortlessly, forming a secure open-bottom garden frame. Each corner post is routed on all four sides for an easy assembly process and potential expansion. You can add decorative tops to each post using a simple screwdriver, providing an added aesthetic touch.

Flexibility is a key aspect of this garden bed. The design allows for stacking and connecting with other beds and add-on parts from the Original line, providing endless possibilities to create a grand garden tailored to your vision.

The wood, left organic, will gracefully age to a silver-gray color over time. However, you also have the option to preserve the wood with a seal or stain of your choice, aligning with your garden aesthetics. The dimensions of this raised bed reflect thoughtful planning with each board being 11/16 inch thick and 3.5 inches in height, while the routed corner posts are 2.5 inches square, capped with 3.5-inch-square decorative tops.

In sum, if you're seeking a raised garden bed that merges practicality, style, and adaptability, the Greenes Original Raised Garden Bed might be just what you need.

One look at the Veradek Taper planter, and you're instantly drawn to its modern appeal. This contemporary garden container, designed with a sleek and sharp aesthetic, can enhance the charm of any space it occupies, be it your patio, entrance, or railing.

What's striking about the Veradek Taper planter is its construction. It's made from a high-grade Polypropylene composite, a plastic composite material known for its flexibility and impact resistance. This single wall molded planter presents a smooth, scratch-resistant finish that can endure all seasons, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your garden décor.

The Veradek Taper planter doesn't compromise on dimensions either. Standing 30 inches tall and measuring 15.25 inches in width and length, it offers ample space for your plants to grow.

A unique feature of this planter is its removable insert shelf, which offers the option to either fully fill the planter with soil or use an interchangeable plant insert. This flexibility allows you to customize the planter to best suit the needs of your plants. The inclusion of an optional drainage hole ensures that your plants won't get waterlogged, promoting healthier growth.

Beyond its durability and functionality, this planter has been designed with a keen eye on weather resistance. It boasts frost-resistant qualities that make it ideal for colder climates. Additionally, the planter has been specially treated to minimize fading, ensuring that it retains its sleek black color and modern appeal even after extended exposure to sunlight.

In essence, the Veradek Taper planter is more than just a container for your plants; it's a fusion of modern design and practical functionality that can elevate the aesthetics of your garden while providing a nurturing environment for your plants.

If you're searching for a planter that seamlessly blends utility with stylish design, look no further than the Urban Bloomer Cultivation Table. Standing tall at 30.71 inches and with dimensions of 32.28"D x 14.69"W, this anthracite-colored planter offers a practical solution for urban gardeners.

The most striking feature of the Urban Bloomer Cultivation Table is its convenient lower shelf, which serves as an excellent storage space for your gardening equipment. This additional feature simplifies the organization of your gardening tools, making your gardening routine smooth and effortless.

What sets this planter apart is its premium watering system. Designed for optimal plant growth, the system cleverly combines a special evaporation fabric with regulated watering to maintain the perfect balance of moisture for your plants. This ensures your plants receive the right amount of water and promotes healthier growth.

The Urban Bloomer Cultivation Table isn't just about functionality; it's also about comfort. It boasts an ergonomic design, which means it's high enough to work at comfortably, reducing strain on your back and knees. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, this ergonomic design can make your gardening experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, the planter comes equipped with a germination tray, making it easier for you to kick-start your plant's life cycle. Whether you're planting herbs or ornamental flowers, this planter offers a conducive environment for your seeds to germinate and your plants to thrive.

In conclusion, the Urban Bloomer Cultivation Table is more than just a planter box; it's a complete gardening station. Its thoughtful design and advanced features make it an excellent choice for anyone passionate about gardening, especially in urban settings where space may be at a premium.

The Classic Square Planter with Lion Head is a remarkable fusion of robust materials and an ageless design, certain to turn heads in your garden space. Coated in an antique gray finish, this square-shaped planter stands as a timeless piece that enhances your plants' vibrancy and contributes a compelling statement to any setting.

Echoing English elegance, the planter is embellished with a Lion head, traditionally symbolizing strength, bravery, and royalty. This feature alone infuses your garden with a unique blend of grandeur and cultural heritage, taking your green space to a whole new aesthetic level.

One notable attribute of this planter is its eco-friendly production process. Handmade and crafted from lightweight concrete, the planter integrates an environmentally-friendly approach with functionality. Furthermore, it includes a drainage hole and a robust UV-resistant ability, ensuring it weathers all seasons gracefully, be it wind, rain, or temperature extremes.

Brimming with durability and resilience, this planter is born from a mix of concrete, weather-resistant fiberglass, alloy steel, and rubber. This combination endows the planter with incredible strength, longevity, weather, and damage resistance, and ensures long-lasting color retention.

Measuring 12.6"W x 12.6"L x 12.6"H, this planter boasts an optimal size for outdoor use. Whether you place it on an apartment balcony or in a large backyard patio, its unique aesthetic is sure to stand out. In essence, the Classic Square Planter with Lion Head is more than a planter; it's a statement piece that pays homage to the grandeur of English style while offering a sturdy and resilient home for your beloved plants.

The Vivid Purple Steel Garden Planter promises to add a lively splash of color to any gardening space. Made from four connecting alloy steel panels, this rectangular planter carves out a distinctive and well-structured planting area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What sets this planter apart is its vibrant purple finish, achieved through a powder coating process. This pop of color is bound to infuse your garden with a playful touch and attract attention from all who pass by. This planter is not just a container for your plants; it's an instrument of creativity, encouraging you to paint your garden canvas with bolder strokes.

The planter includes a polypropylene bag designed to snugly fit inside the steel frame. This feature ensures that the soil stays in place, offering an effective solution to the mess that can often come with gardening tasks. It's a thoughtful addition that amplifies the ease of use for garden enthusiasts.

The panels of this planter boast a keyhole and tab design, which facilitates simple assembly and disassembly. This feature means that you can effortlessly modify your garden layout whenever inspiration strikes.

With dimensions measuring 47"D x 26"W x 12.5"H, this planter offers ample space for various plants. Its striking purple finish, combined with its solid structure and practical design, makes the Vivid Purple Steel Garden Planter a standout choice for those looking to bring both style and functionality to their gardening endeavors.

For those aspiring to create a dream garden abundant with flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs, the Bright White PVC Garden Planter Box might just be what you're looking for. This planter box, designed to be mounted outdoors, delivers not just in functionality, but also in aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent addition to any backyard.

Assembling this planter box is a breeze—it slides together in minutes, providing a quick and straightforward solution to create modular raised beds. This swift assembly process makes it ideal for those eager to get started with their gardening endeavors, regardless of their DIY experience.

Crafted from durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), this planter box is designed to resist rot and rust, ensuring its longevity through various weather conditions. This material choice makes it a reliable option for an outdoor garden setting, standing the test of time and keeping your plants secure.

Visually, this planter box doesn't compromise either. It boasts a decorative paneled design in a bright white finish that can effortlessly complement any garden style. This choice of color is not only neutral and versatile, but it also serves to highlight the colors of the plants it houses, creating a stunning visual contrast in your garden space.

Finally, with dimensions measuring 48" x 48" x 11.75", this planter box offers a generous gardening space, providing plenty of room for various plant species to thrive. The Bright White PVC Garden Planter Box brings together style, durability, and simplicity, making it a solid choice for gardeners looking to enhance their outdoor gardening experience.

Adding a touch of sophistication to your garden space, the Black Marble Finished Square Planter Box showcases a remarkable balance between style and utility. This square-shaped planter box, crafted from a blend of wood, resin, plastic, and stone, promises durability while exuding an elegant charm.

This planter box's dimensions are 14" wide by 24" tall, providing ample space for various types of plants. Unique to this model is its elevated plant shelf feature that serves dual purposes. It not only reduces the amount of soil required but also raises the plants, bringing them closer to sunlight and making it easier for you to tend to them.

One of the key attributes of this planter box is its robustness. Despite its durability, it remains lightweight and easy to maneuver, which can be particularly advantageous when you're rearranging your garden or moving plants according to sunlight needs.

Environment-conscious gardeners would appreciate that this planter box is made from natural and recycled materials. This not only contributes to the sustainability factor but also gives the planter a more organic look that can blend seamlessly with your garden environment.

The Black Marble Finished Square Planter Box is built to withstand the elements, being both weather and UV resistant. This durability ensures that the planter box retains its aesthetic appeal regardless of weather conditions, maintaining its glossy marble finish in all seasons.

Practicality is at the heart of its design, evident from its inclusion of a drainage hole and removable plug. These features facilitate optimal plant growth by preventing waterlogging and ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of water.

In summary, the Black Marble Finished Square Planter Box is a versatile and stylish choice, offering a unique combination of durability, elegance, and practical design features. It can truly elevate the gardening experience while adding a touch of sophistication to your garden décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put on the bottom of a raised garden bed?

When building a raised garden bed, it is important to properly prepare the base before adding soil and plants. Here are some options for what you can put on the bottom of a raised garden bed:

  1. Landscape Fabric: This can help prevent weeds from growing up into your garden bed from underneath.

  2. Cardboard: Laying down several layers of cardboard can help smother any weeds or grass that might grow up into the bed.

  3. Gravel or Rocks: Adding a layer of gravel or rocks at the bottom of your garden bed can help with drainage and prevent soil from washing out of the bottom.

  4. Compost or Manure: Adding a layer of compost or manure can help improve soil quality and provide nutrients for your plants.

  5. Sand: Adding a layer of sand can improve drainage in the bed, which is especially helpful if the soil in your area tends to retain too much moisture.

It's important to note that you don't necessarily need to put anything at the bottom of your raised garden bed. However, adding a layer of material can help with drainage, weed control, and soil improvement.

What do you put in the bottom of a deep planter box?

When planting in a deep planter box, it is important to create good drainage to prevent waterlogging and promote healthy root growth. To achieve this, you can place a layer of drainage material at the bottom of the planter box, such as gravel, stones, or broken pieces of clay pots.

This layer should be about 2-3 inches thick and cover the entire bottom of the planter box. On top of the drainage layer, you can add a layer of landscape fabric or weed barrier cloth to prevent soil from mixing with the drainage layer.

Finally, fill the planter box with a good quality potting soil mixed with compost or other organic matter to provide nutrients for your plants.

What is the best thing to line a planter box with?

The best thing to line a planter box with can depend on the material of the box and the plants you plan to grow. Here are some options:

  1. Landscape fabric: This is a popular choice for most planter boxes, as it allows water to drain while keeping soil from spilling out.

  2. Plastic liner: A plastic liner is another option for planter boxes. However, it is important to ensure that there are drainage holes to avoid waterlogged soil.

  3. Burlap: Burlap can also be used to line planter boxes, especially for plants that require a lot of moisture. It allows for good drainage and also helps retain moisture.

  4. Coconut coir: This natural fiber is also an option for lining planter boxes. It provides good drainage and is biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice.

It's important to note that some planter boxes may not require any lining at all, such as those made from cedar or redwood, which are naturally resistant to rot and decay.

How deep should a raised planter box be?

The depth of a raised planter box can vary depending on the plants you want to grow. However, generally, a depth of at least 12 inches is recommended for most vegetables and herbs. If you plan to grow root vegetables, you may need a deeper planter box of around 18 inches. It's essential to ensure that the roots have enough space to grow and spread out, which will allow them to access enough nutrients and water.


In conclusion, a garden planter box is a great way to add some color and greenery to your outdoor space, whether you have a small patio or a large yard.

The top 10 planter boxes we've discussed in this article are all excellent options, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Whether you're looking for an elevated design to make gardening more comfortable, a low-maintenance option made from weather-resistant materials, or a natural wood option for a rustic look, there is a planter box on this list to suit your needs.

When choosing the best planter box for your garden, consider factors such as size, material, and maintenance requirements. With a little research and careful consideration, you'll be able to find the perfect planter box for your gardening needs and enjoy the beauty and benefits of gardening for years to come.

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