9 Best Tasting Microgreens You Should Grow

Best Tasting Microgreens

Best Tasting Microgreens

Microgreens are becoming extremely popular and for good reason. They grow quickly, are inexpensive, and offer numerous health benefits. Microgreens, if you don't know already, are simply younger versions of herbs and vegetables. Their small size makes them ideal for indoor growing, and since most of them can be harvested within 12 days, they are an excellent choice for beginners. Growing microgreens indoors is the best way to grow microgreens! Now here are some of the best tasting microgreens to grow indoors!

Best Tasting Microgreens To Grow

1. Pea Shoot

Best Tasting Microgreens

Pea Shoot microgreens have a sweet and tender taste and taste good whether there eaten raw or cooked. They taste great as an addition to any salad and can be added on just about anything.

They are also the second most popular microgreens and are by far one of the easiest to grow, so if you want to get into growing microgreens, you should start with pea shoots first.

2. Basil

Best Tasting Microgreens

Basil microgreens are sweeter and stronger than mature plants and can have up to 5 times more nutrients!

Basil microgreens also come in many different varieties that each have their own unique taste and texture. Tastes range from sweet to cinnamon-like. Overall they are some of the best tasting microgreens to grow and eat.

3. Cauliflower

Best Tasting Microgreens

Cauliflower microgreens have a deliciously mild, fresh broccoli flavor with a peppery bite. They also of course are super easy to grow and provide numerous health benefits like all microgreens.

They are an excellent choice as a base for any microgreens salad or just added to salads. Because of their crisp texture, they’re also a great raw topping for sandwiches or burgers.

4. Kale

Best Tasting Microgreens

Kale microgreens have a flavor of mild cabbage or kale but taste slightly sweeter. They can be eaten with just about anything. You can even juice them and make a green juice or a smoothie.

Eating kale microgreens is healthier than eating a full mature kale plant as they contain way more nutrients. So, they're easy to grow and provide more health benefits? Why would you not eat these?!

5. Mustard

Best Tasting Microgreens

Mustard microgreens are on the spicier side which I like very much. If you like spicier foods, then I recommend you try these. They have varying degrees of spiciness, and are also some of the healthiest plants out there, as they are rich in many vitamins and minerals.

So, they grow quickly, taste good, and provide many health benefits. I highly recommend you start growing them right now!

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6. Cress

Best Tasting Microgreens

Cress microgreens are more on the spicier side and add a nice little kick for smoothies, juicing, or as an addition to a salad mix to add some extra spice.

They are very popular due to how easy they are to grow and the fact that it’s one of the most nutrient-dense microgreens out there.

7. Radish

Best Tasting Microgreens

Radish microgreens have a very spicy flavor and very much resemble the case of radishes. Yet again, they taste good with any salad and provide many health benefits like all microgreens.

They are the fastest-growing microgreens and can be harvested as early as 5 days. Which obviously makes them extremely easy to grow.

8. Sunflower

Best Tasting Microgreens

Sunflower microgreens are super easy to grow and taste in my opinion the best out of all the microgreens on this list. They can be harvested in as little as 8 days and prefer to be grown in soil. I recommend you start growing these immediately for you're health.

Just like all microgreens, they taste good with any salad and can be eaten with just about anything.

9. Broccoli

Best Tasting Microgreens

Broccoli microgreens taste similar to cabbage but have a much tastier flavor. They are a surprisingly good source of protein and taste good with most salads. They are of course easy to grow and grow very quickly!

Final Thoughts

Overall most microgreens taste pretty good and can be added with or on just about anything. If you would like to read an in-depth guide on how to grow each specific microgreen on this list then feel free to read my free Microgreen Guide.

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