8 Grow Tent Essentials You Need To Own

Growing in a tent is an excellent way to grow food indoors. It gives you more control over environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Which will greatly benefit your plants and help you achieve the maximum harvest. These grow tent essentials will make growing in a tent so much easier and will ultimately help you in the short and long term. Now, starting with the first essential on this list.

1. Temperature & Humidity Meter

Knowing the temperature and humidity of you're growing area is important in maintaining proper environmental conditions that are needed by your plants.

This will help you prevent mold from growing and other unwanted problems that could be easily avoidable if you know the humidity and temperature.

With knowing the right conditions you can ensure you're plants will reach their full potential, which will reward you with a heavy harvest.

2. PH Kit

A PH Kit is a must-have when watering your plants. Not watering your plants with the proper PH level can decrease the growth and even kill the plant.

Always make sure you are watering your plants with the right PH level to ensure healthy plants and to maximize your harvest.

3. Grow Tent Net

Having a net will keep your plant canopy even and will ultimately help with providing maximum light penetration.

Plants for example like tomatoes, cannabis, and peas will all benefit from having a net in place as it keeps the bud up and helps increase yields.

4. Water Catchers

Having a water catcher under your pots is a must-have when watering your plants indoors. This will help prevent unwanted accidental drips when watering your plants.

If you are using hard pots water will just drip right to the bottom whereas with fabric pots the water will most of the time drip out of the sides.

Having a water catcher will collect the excess water and prevent it from dripping onto the floor. Which overall just makes growing a lot more convenient.

5. LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are one of the most if not the most important tool needed in order to grow food in a tent.

LED grow light strips can be used for small fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The big LED grow lights on the other hand are for larger plants like cannabis.

6. Trimming Scissors

These really come in handy when trimming flowers during their vegetative life cycle, and of course, work really well when harvesting you're fruits and vegetables.

If you're a cannabis grower, these are a must-have when harvesting your flower. Using ordinary scissors will not make your bud look top shelf.

But overall for the average grower, these are really helpful and make the growing and harvesting process a lot easier.

7. Carbon Filter

Having a carbon filter is a must-have when growing in a tent, as it filters out stale air and just ultimately gives way for fresh air.

This can help reduce the amount of humidity in a growing area which can prevent mold from growing onto plants like microgreens.

8. Ventilation Fan

This product is a must-have with a carbon filter, as this is what pushes the air through the carbon filter. which will help with ventilating and filtering the air.

This product works whether you're using a grow room or tent. It can give you more control over the humidity and temperature in you're growing area.


Growing in a tent requires certain equipment to be properly operational, these products will overall improve you're growing ability and will ultimately help you in the long term.

What are you planning on growing? Anyways, happy growing!

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