Top 5 LED Grow Lights Under $100

LED grow lights are one of the most important if not the most important things to have when growing food indoors.

Having a high-quality light that will produce good yields is a must-have, and that is what this list is about. Each light is fully capable of giving you a solid harvest... and, they're cheap!

Starting with number 1.


The build quality of this grow light is overall really good. It's bright, has a heat sink, and the spectrum gets the job done.

It also has the ability to daisy chain with Wifi capabilities, which makes it seem more ahead of the curve considering the price.

The components like the Diodes and Driver are not known, which is quite common among grow lights around this price.

Overall this LED Grow Light is a good bang for you're buck. It provides everything you need for a successful grow.

It may not have Samsung diodes, but it still packs a powerful punch, the build is solid and it makes a great grow light.

2. Mars Hydro TS600W

MarsHydro has a pretty good selection of budget grow lights that are not bad for the price. They have improved over these past few years, and their TS Series proves that. Which offers great quality for the price.

This LED grow light in particular is good if you are growing in a 2x2ft area. I don't recommend using a grow tent bigger than 3ft x 3ft. Unless you're buying multiple lights.

The diodes are made by Samsung, which if you don't know already, is one of the best company's leading in producing high-quality diodes meant for growing.

The light consumes only 100 Watts and has 225 Diodes. Featuring Samsung lm301b diodes, a dimmable knob, and a heat sink.

It doesn't have an on or off switch which means the only way to turn it off is to unplug it. Which is inconvenient, but not a big deal.

This grow light is overall a really good option and can grow pretty much anything. I recommend using a grow tent though to get the best results, and to achieve the maximum harvest.

3. UMAX-1000

For only 70 Dollars the Umax-1000 is an absolute beast of a light, it comes with top-notch components better than other so-called "High End LED Grow lights".

Featuring a Meanwell Driver and Samsung 3030 Diodes this light is more than capable of growing most plants.

It does not come with all the bell and whistles, no on and off switch, No dimmer knob, (there is a screw dimmer but it is under the mean well power supply), but overall, it's still a great budget light.

One thing this company offers that many do not is a 5-year warranty, so no need to worry about replacements if something goes wrong. Overall this light is definitely at the top when it comes to quality and price.


The S1000 is an overall good budget-led grow light providing pretty good components at a reasonable price.

I recommend not using this light in a grow tent bigger than 3ft x 3ft, preferably a 2ft x 2ft grow tent to get the best harvest. It has 218 diodes and consumes only 100 watts.

It does not come with an on/off switch which means the only way to turn it off is to unplug it, which isn't a big deal.

The build quality is good for the price. It's very similar to a Spider Farmer in many ways. But instead has Samsung LM281b+ diodes, not 301b, and a Sosen driver, instead of MeanWell.

It's an overall solid grow light and is made well.


This grow light is an upgraded version of the previous light and is similar in price, but offers better components like a MeanWell driver, and Samsung lm301b diodes.

It does not come with a dimmable knob, or an on and off switch, which means the only way to turn it off is to unplug it. which is expected considering the price.

The driver, LEDs, and design are made well. It provides a spectrum similar to a Spider Farmer, but for a significantly less price.

This light is great for a small grow tent, and will provide you with a spectrum powerful enough to grow most plants.

Which is certainly a great value for the money.

Final Thoughts

Overall all of these grow lights are really good for any grow in a 2ft x 2ft grow tent. They offer good value for the money will help you reach your next harvest. What do you plan on growing?

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