Top 5 Best Grow Lights For Growing Microgreens

Growing microgreens

When it comes to growing microgreens indoors, LED grow lights are the best option. LEDs are rapidly becoming more popular and are offering better performance compared to traditional lighting systems like fluorescents and HIDs.

If you are planning on growing you're own food indoors at a reasonable price. Using a metal wired vertical shelf is going to be the best option.

My favorite plants to grow vertically are microgreens, they're small and are ready to harvest 7 to 12 days from seed. If you are a beginner I recommend growing microgreens first, as they're easy to grow and grow fast. If you already have a wired vertical shelf then here are the lights you're going to need.

1. Barrina T8

These LED grow light strips are the best on this list, and for good reason. There lightweight, easy to set up, have low power consumption, and come with everything you need.

They are excellent for growing in a 2ft x 4ft vertical shelf as they are 4ft long. Keeping the lights close to the plants is not a problem as the lights are not hot and do not burn the plants. They can also all connect to each other or be used individually. Overall these are great lights for growing microgreens in a 2ft by 4ft shelving unit.

2. Monios-L T8

These lights are extremely bright, easy to install, and easy to use. They come with ample mounting and wiring options. Just like the previous light on this list, it seems like a well-designed product. They are definitely good lights for growing herbs and small vegetables. Overall these are really good grow lights and will help you grow microgreens indoors.

3. Barrina T8

These lights are easy to set up and the kit includes everything needed for a variety of setup situations. The lights can connect directly or be daisy-chained from shelve to shelve. They include 3 full cords with wall plugs in case you want to use your units in different places.

They also include all the options for mounting--zip ties, double-sided tape, clamps with rings, etc. No tools are needed.

Overall these lights are great for growing microgreens, There bright and provide everything you need to successfully make it to your first harvest.

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4. Sumerflos T8

The color of these lights is relatively warm, giving off a full spectrum suited enough for growing with relative ease. It comes with metal clips that allow you to hang the lights anywhere you want, specifically for vertical shelving but they can be used just about anywhere.

Overall these are great affordable led grow light strips, there reliable, efficient, and will provide you with the right spectrum to successfully grow your own microgreens at home.

5. Byingo T8

These lights are 4ft long and offer pretty good value for the price. They're easy to attach to the underside of the shelves and the electrical connections are super easy to put together.

The lights come with a variety of elements for hanging, and even small plastic plugs for the sides of the light if you weren't going to chain them together. The lights don't get very warm at all (even after being on for 10+ hours), and the small aluminum shields keep the light focused down on the plants.


Growing food indoors no longer has to be difficult, as with the latest technology it's pretty much doing the work for us. These grow lights will help you grow from seed to harvest.

What do you plan on growing? Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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